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Pioneers in Nutrition & Fertilization of Crops

LI.FE-T was founded in 1996 by Mr. Georgios Nikolaidis, is based in Komotini, Greece and represents the greatest liquid fertilizer production unit that operates in the country. It took its name from the initials LIQUID FERTILIZERS OF THRACE and holds as a symbol, Anargyrous Saints (meaning Saints with no wealth or fortune). LI.FE-T maintains a state-of-the-art production unit in which have been applied every standard of electronic control and intervention. Company occupies an area of 5.000 sq. meters in a total site of 40.000 sq. meters in the industrial area of Komotini.

All production functions are fully-automated and controlled by a central processor.

Production unit is comprised by 3 lines and has been designed in order to provide a high potential of flexibility.

Three years after launch of operations, LI.FE-T entered very successfully in the granular fertilizer market as well (year 1999), whereas we have to mention that company strives constantly not only to grow but also to invest on highly trained human resources.

Naturally, dynamic course of the company was ensured by the operation of a new granular fertilizer production unit in Gefyra Thessalonikis (year 2006). Therefore, LI.FE-T as being a leader in liquid fertilizer market of Greece, continues likewise in the market of granular fertilizers, producing and distributing annually approximately 100.000 tn in Greece and neighbor countries.

ΛΑΪΦ-Τ Λιπάσματα & Πλαστικά Θράκης Α.Ε.
Βιομηχανία Παραγωγής & Εμπορίας Λιπασμάτων & Πλαστικών

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